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Tempest Storm's Big Ten Inch Record True Burlesque for the Blind

Kermit Schaefer is best know for his boners.  I mean his bloopers, which are also known as boners.   Kermit is the father of hilarious mistakes.  The next time your date makes you sit until all the credits roll just so you can see Seth Rogen or his fat little brother Jonah Hill make a mistake and break up, think of Kermit.   Kermit Schaefer invented that.  Now they are known as the "gag reel" but they are bloopers. Kermit put out records of guys making mistakes on the radio. 

Sometimes Kermit even faked his bloopers, so he was a deceptive crook.  They still do that, but now it is to fill out the "Bonus" version of the DVD.

By extension, Kermit is also responsible for the humorous "clip" shows which used to take your submissions in the mail, but now just take them off You Tube.  I don't miss Tosh ever.  Daniel Tosh is funny, maybe one of the funniest comics working today.  Kermit Schaefer isn't.  Working, that is...he croaked.   

I digress.  The point of this post is to question who would want to LISTEN to burlesque.  You go to burlesque to SEE, and if you are lucky, to see Tempest Storm, who is out of place here.  But it was a better idea to put her on the record jacket than it was to put out a record of burlesque SOUNDS, that's for sure. 

Kermit released his novelty records on Jubilee, an early label which dropped race records on white kids (thank GAWD, white music SUCKED) but also some dreck, and when they went broke, and mobster Moe Levy bought them out.

Burlesque Show is a fairly scarce record.  I mean, even with Tempest casting a double shadow over the imaginary first three rows, what the hell are you supposed to get out of playing this record?  No boners here.  The record inside is MINT but I still haven't played it.

Burlesque Show 10" record.  Jubilee Records (also known as Jay-Gee Record Company) Circa 1959 Collection Victor Minx

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