Thursday, July 17, 2014

True Burlesque Bring your Trunk Modeling on the side for Ten Bucks

A True Burlesque hard working anonymous burlesquer supplements her income with a home visit.  "Bring your trunk…"  The major pornographers of the day (that being 1955 or so…) were Leonard Burtman and Irving Klaw, and  quite likely a majority of the models they employed for photo shoots came from the stage…or those who failed to make it there.  Thousands of young women aspired to show business, and for many it was no picnic.  VERY Few reached the top.  Most made the rent with modeling jobs on the side.

Trio of anonymous photographs circa 1955 Collection Victor Minx

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

True Burlesque All the Glamor which was Never There

Untitled (Anonymous) True Burlesque  Circa 1950 Collection Vic Minx
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Thursday, July 10, 2014

True Burlesque Soiled Mattress for Chorus Tired Dogs ONLY

True Burlesque take a rest!  Chorus only.  A hard worker rests her tired dogs.  Anonymous photograph no date. Collection Victor Minx.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Jewel Dee Bundle of Love and Belle of the South rocks the Red Barn True Burlesque

True Burlesque visits the Red Barn with Jewel Dee!

Jewell Dee stripped in Miami in 1950 and 1951.   Other peelers she appeared with are Dark Venus, Tiny Smith and Penny Art.   She worked The Red Barn and later the Harem Club (with one Lusty Le Lure)  

In 1949, New Orleans had banned burlesque for a time, and the girls all packed up and moved to Miami.

Miss Dee was apparently from Illinois, as there is a promotional picture indicating her address was in Centerville Station, IL.  She was pert.   

The Red Barn was "a termite riddled old farm building done over for show purposes according to the Cabaret Quarterly.   It was located just outside the city limits, so the shows were more raunchy.  Consequently, arrests which coincided with election season were common for both the dancers and the owner.  Next to the club was a tiny zoo with a monkey and an elephant. 

As you can see, Miss Dee had two promotional handouts…one clothed, the other less so.

Show business which skirted the law.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

True Burlesque Snake Charmer Lonnie Young

The vixen of venomous vipers.  Lonnie Young.  Snake Charmer of Burlesque.   Shown here in undated and uncredited photographs, she traveled with a menagerie of wild animals and performed with a snake (while the house band performed appropriate slinky music.)

One article reports a typical day in the life of Lonnie:  A wire story from 1954. "Prancing about in Putnam Valley, N.Y. yesterday was a puma, a dancer, some newsmen--and a press agent. The dancer, Lonnie Young, 26, apparently keeps the puma--a pint sized panther--in her hotel room. Miss Young said she was switching her nightclub act with a python to the puma--only she didn't know. Just the other day, she said, the puma took a bite out of her arm. Anyway, with the newsmen present, the dancer let the puma out of his cage. The puma roared and the news hounds retreated. Miss Young cracked a whip. The puma merely looked annoyed and seem to toy with the idea of taking another bit out of his mistress' arm. According to witnesses, a piece of lacy lingerie saved the day. Miss Young tossed the garment into the bathroom and the puma bounded after it. Miss Young slammed and locked the door. The cage was shoved in front of the door, the door was opened, and the puma raced into her cage.Thinking it over, Miss Young said, she guessed she'd stick to plain old pythons"

In 1957 Gossip slinger and likely murder victim Dorothy Kilgallen reported "dancer Lonnie Young caused a lot of rubbery necks at the Plaza the other night.  She was wearing a suit made of patent leather."  Kinky.  Windbag Walter Winchell also reported on Lonnie's antics.  The Broadway Blabbermouth reported on Lonnie arriving  in a huge, chauffer-driven cadillac provided by "John Gorman, another wealthy Texan."   I am going to guess Mr. Gorman was an animal lover.

To see a collection of snake dancers from the century before, see HERE
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Monday, May 19, 2014

True Burlesque Who Else Posed for Irving Klaw? La Savona AKA Svetia Goode

Today True Burlesque under the heading of "Who else posed for Irving Klaw" we have La Savona.  AKA Svetia Goode.  La Savona came down to the House of Klaw, ran through her routine (which included flexing through a veil and spreading her legs)  then apparently  came back and did another with the whip.  Klaw's inventory had no less than 100 images of her for sale.

Shown here are a few dozen of the "proto jpegs" the sleaze merchant used in his catalog to promote them, but after years of searching for dingy originals on eBay, not many turn up.  I am afraid La Savona was not really an earner for Irving, though he may have had only about $25 into it.

Savona is a city in Italy, not France, but it sounds French.  Good enough. The exotic La Savona was Hungarian, though one source pegs her has Czech.  Their history is complicated, but Frolic Magazine in 1957 said she was from Prague.  Frolic put together their content from press releases, but we'll trust them here.     

America.  The Land of Opportunity, and we welcome all.  At least, we did once.

In 1955, Billboard Magazine reports her dancing in New York.  Here she bills herself as "The Flame of Paris" which of course she was not.  Three years later she was still doing the exotic dance in Canada.  Two years later?  In PIttsburgh, where she was "The Fabulous La Savona" and fresh from the Seattle World's Fair.  She was also billed as "The Modern Schehrazade" but certainly the highlight of her career had to be the cover of Caberet Quarterly, Industry Bible for peelers.   

Guess what?  As of a few years ago, La Savona was still kicking.  She appears in the Behind the Burley Q  documentary in 2010. 


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

True Burlesque Jennie Lee Hicks The Bazoom Girl

True Burlesque presents a collection of Jennie Lee The Bazoom Girl in action and with tired feet.  The star of "She Dood it in Dallas" folks.  Miss 44 and Plenty More.