Monday, September 28, 2015

Burlesque BIG TIMERS flock to Glamorous Youngstown! True Burlesque

Burlesque big timers flock to glamorous YOUNGSTOWN. 

Just another stop on the grind.  Park Burlesk attracted ham-fisted lower-middle class peepers back when the rust bowl still had sheen.  Not much, but a bit.  Here, on the cusp of the end of burlesque, a motley crew of hapless strippers compete with emerging pornographic films for their attention.  The clients were steel-workers who got tired of sitting home drinking.  "Escorted" ladies got in free.  Those turning tricks had to pay at the door just like the fellas. 

One notable stripper had a trick for hecklers.  She would take their glasses (or other objects) and "make them disappear" and hand them back.  Yes…a magic trick which relied on the art of insertion!  A poster on a Youngstown "remember when" website recalls a dancer exposing her nether region along with a bunch of bruises on her legs. 

There was an MC who hawked risqué junk during intermission.  The crappy band played the strippers 12-bar anthem Night Train.  There was more DNA on the floor than a major crime scene.  Police lurked around the corner for thrills…there was always some kind of action out back.  The theater advertised "Free Parking in our Guarded lot" for those hesitant to park there.    None of this was particularly notable.  There was a festering pit like the Park in any town with more than a few traffic lights.  Skulk in, skulk out, fasten your seat belts on the way home guys.

While most of the patrons were too drunk or horny to notice, the stage featured some of the best fake names in the business.  "Toni Dawn from Orlando" played on the sappy trio Tony Orlando and Dawn. "Foxy Red" too her name from Redd Fox.  All the performers were "DIRECT" from somewhere, as if they flew in just for the special gig. 

Collection of original Park Burlesk newspaper clippings.  True Burlesque the Blog is on Facebook Too! 

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Everyone knows the queen of Russ Meyer's bombshell Faster Pussycat!  Kill! Kill!, one of the greatest films ever made (and worthy of restoration for the archives, Marty....)  but how many know the star Tura Satana came from the burlesque world?  Well...the stripper's world.  She was able to leave the dumps behind after making something of a minor stir in the soup of Hollywood!  But how many have seen the shots of Satana in her stripping days?

As with many here, the story is not pretty.  Tura was gang raped at age 10 and the men who did it got off. The child of a silent movie actor from Japan and a Native American mother, she was interned in the notorious Manzanar camp for a time during World War Two...Then married at age 13.  By 15, she was stripping,  soon including work in the mob-infested hell-hole known as Calumet City, IL.  The worst of the worst.  

Fortunately, Tura survived by getting tough.  Motorcycle leather and strong, kick-ass tough.  she put on weight and muscle.  A role model.  The films below are worth purchasing.

The photos come from the Lenny Burtman publication Striparama.  Lenny sold out for a time to Health Knowledge, a cheap ass fly by night publisher who put this item out in the summer of 1965. Eventually his titles were "owned" by Mobster Reuben Sturman...A REAL skuz.  




Wednesday, September 23, 2015

True Burlesque The Bazoom Girl Jenny Lee DANCES

True Burlesque enjoys the hobby of scrapbooking too, but Jennie Lee does it wearing pasties!  You are in luck, as Jennie Lee is onstage below.

Monday, September 21, 2015

True Burlesque Bettie Page ??? The lost Pinup

True Burlesque Bettie Page? Though Bettie Page couldn't really dance a step and never toured the dives, True Burlesque brings you a seldom seen Centerfold the model posed for.  Below that, a crooked dump uses Ms. Page on their ad, though there was no chance in hell she would appear.

Monday, September 14, 2015

True Burlesque OUTDOORS RPPC Hitchhiking Harlots on the Road 1 - 6

True Burlesque OUTDOORS RPPC Hitchhiking Harlots on the Road 1 - 6.  A set of Real Photo Postcards tell a risque story circa 1940.  EKC postcard stock used as a method of printing and selling taboo, erotic material.  Likely sold under the counter and from ads in the back pages of magazines.
Original set collection Jim Linderman

Friday, September 11, 2015

True Burlesque Dump The Glamorous Alameda Girls in Person Burlesque Theater

True Burlesque Dump  The Glamorous Alameda Girls in Person Burlesque Theater.
Original snapshot collection Jim Linderman

Monday, September 7, 2015

Burlesque Strippers 1948 Cook County Fair True Burlesque Sideshow

True Burlesque sideshow style.  Caption provides all you need to know.  1948 original press photograph collection Jim Linderman