Tempest Storm True Burlesque The Wolf Bait Girl Photographs of 1952 Russ Meyer and Peter DeCenzie

1952 photo set of Tempest Storm.  The original order form from P. A. D. Productions in Oakland.  P.A.D. was Peter DeCenzie, the longtime friend and associate of Russ Meyer...and Tempest Storm is Tempest Storm!  They made a powerhouse trio.

DeCenzie ran the El Rey Burlesque which employed Ms. Storm as a dancer in the 1950s.  Russ liked boobs.  With his camera, he made burlesque magic with these photographs.

Wolf Bait Girl Advertising Insert 1952 Collection Jim Linderman True Burlesque

True Burlesque Officer Toody Joe E. Brown makes the Burlesque Rounds Ooh! Ooh"

Yep.  Look close and you will see how Officer Toody ended up.  Acting a buffoon for a grimy strip club with "the naughtiest girls in town".   Sigh.  Show business is so glamorous.  Ooh!  OOOOOH!

Joe E. Ross was probably paid with a steak.    They don't even list his real name...not that the names of the dames are real either.  Once again, Wikipedia fails to mention his days on the road with strippers.  They do agree, however, he was "Married multiple times, Ross was often known as a difficult person to work with. Co-workers complained that he was continually vulgar, even cursing around children."  Now THAT is funny.

True Burlesque THE MINX IS BACK Derogatory backed by Data

Hey!  It might (rather IS) derogatory, but it's coming back.  Minx is an impudent, cunning or broadly flirtatious young woman.  Data above indicates it is TRENDING.  I hate that word, trending.

True Burlesque from the Book THE BIRTH OF ROCK AND ROLL

True Burlesque today is an original snapshot included in the new book THE BIRTH OF ROCK AND ROLL available from the publisher Dust to Digital or Amazon.

True Burlesque Art of LOVE

True Burlesque Carnival huckster, burlesque publisher and proto-porn promoter Walter Hale shilled books like this in the aisles and lobbies of his film presentations in the 1950s. 
NO RETURNS.   The Art of Love: Your Sex Problems Solved 1955 courtesy Something Weird Video.  

True Burlesque Gina Bell Straightens up and Carries the Banner in her Lingerie

True Burlesque Gina Bell Straightens up and Carries the Banner in her Lingerie!  Phoebe Publishers (Leonard Burtman) 1959

Future Project Candy Barr

Coming Soon.  Impressions of Candy Barr