True Burlesque Five Best Photographs of Betttie Page WEARING CLOTHES!

True Burlesque Five Best Photographs of Betttie Page WEARING CLOTHES!  I doesn't seem to happen much...

Jayne Mansfield Hangs Out

While not a burlesquer, Ms. Mansfield certainly appealed to the American male like one.  A beautiful woman, bright, with a great sense of humor and style.  

Jayne Mansfield may have been one of the most photographed women in the world during her brief lifetime, but even fifty years after her death they are “still out there” pun intended. A recent auction reveals numerous unseen and unpublished photographs of the woman who put the blonde bomb in bombshell.
Jayne Thumbnail 
Vera Jayne Palmer was born in 1933 and passed away in 1967 leaving behind a massive celebrity legacy and a plethora of photographs, yet no one complains when more turn up. The photos here are attributed to Milt Palmer, at one time a photographer working for the Las Vegas New Bureau. Other photographers working for the bureau included Don English, Jerry Abbott and Joe Buck. Many of their photos are deposited at the University of Nevada Las Vegas Digital Collections department of the library, who provide free online access to the images, and they do include several images likely from the same events as these dated 1956. Sure enough one of the images here has been dated with a grease pen.

The pictures shown come from original working contact sheets retained by a friend of the photographer, so it is unlikely they are in the archive.
Jayne V


Jayne Y
Jayne Bare 
Similarly, the Las Vegas News Bureau, still operating (but incorporated into the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority) allows access for non-commercial use of images from the working photographers who documented the growth and splendor of the city. Again, these pictures are not indexed in their collection, but many are. The Las Vegas News Bureau has been working with agencies and planners to promote news and events in Southern Nevada for sixty years. Their online exhibition “A Photo History of Vegas”) contains images dating back to 1905, when the city was established.

Most notable are the bureau’s photographs of the city architecture, but Jayne here was built like a brick too. Although not generally credited with the concept, it was Jayne who invented the Wardrobe Malfunction, and the photo of Sophia Loren miffed at Ms. Mansfield’s breasts has to be one of the most famous photographs of the 20th Century.

Miss Mansfield was victim of more than a tragic accident. A purported nude stag film was openly offered for sale after her death in men’s magazines, but it was mostly a ruse. There were likely several versions of the spurious product, but one consisted of bubble baths and “walking” shots of the actress cribbed from her films with some extended footage. One of the bogus films has been loaded HERE.

Mike Nesloney Paints Bettie Page and more!

Mike Nesloney is a Texas-based self-taught artist with many skills.  He is a genuine rock and roller and songwriter, but I'm writing this because he sent me the painting above.  I have seen far more than my share of Bettie Page "art" over the years, but I can't think of one which captures the pure, white face one sees in the black and white photographs she posed for as well as this.  Mr. Nesloney works fast and he is prolific.  He is a portrait artist as much as anything, and there is elegant use of brush and color here.  It places Ms. Page in the dark, fetish netherworld of the past, but his sparse and sophisticated use of oil color and shading takes her far from the often cartoony, line driven portraits one sees so much. Mike also knows when to stop applying paint.  A skill harder to learn than painting. 

He will likely paint one for you as well, when not touring...and the links here will help you find him.  CONTACT Mike Nesloney on Facebook HERE
Untitled (Bettie Page) by Mike Nesloney 2015.  Collection Jim Linderman

True Burlesque The Humble Beginnings of Donald Trump ???

True Burlesque The Humble Beginnings of Donald Trump ?   Nah...just some muscle-head who ran a topless dump that resembles Don when he had a head of hair.  I cribbed it off the internet only to discuss the Don and why he has been useful. Trump has actually knocked off Hilary's REAL competition.  First Scott Walker, the one person who had NEVER IN HIS LIFE LOST AN ELECTION, even the one they tried to get rid of him with.  He was serious competition and he could have won.  The Koch Brothers would have supported him big time, as he hates unions.  Thank GAWD Trump sucked all the energy out of him and he quit before he got lucky with some stupid debate phrase.  

Next, Trump is forcing Bush out too...Bush could have beaten Hillary too... as any Bush running for president has enough millions from rich right wing millionaires to buy any election.  Seriously...but the Bush sprout can't get a word in edgewise with Trump garnering all the attention.  Thanks! 

The other reason I love Trump?  He has exposed the Republican party base.  You see, the only people who SHOULD be voting for the elephants are the very rich. Starting about 25 years ago, the party made a concentrated effort to attract millions of new dumb voters.  They made it a "silent majority" and "protect our rights to have guns" and a "stop abortion party." Then they made it a climate change deniers party.  They couldn't run on "MAKE US RICHER" after all. They padded their totals...and then gerrymandered the rest into a bunch of areas now shoe-ins for any candidate who can trick those "Guns and God" voters.  

Trump has exposed that the base the Republicans counted on are somewhat dull, somewhat racist, somewhat "one issue" voters.  They actually believe TV "reality" shows are REAL!!!  For that, I am grateful for Donald Trump. 

If we are lucky, he will help make a complete shambles out of the Republican convention and we will have eight more years of a president who will protect a woman's right to choose, encourage labor unions, expand healthcare and make some progress on convincing those too ignorant to realize immigration is not only what this country was founded on, but that diversity is GOOD FOR AMERICA!  

So is not Trump in front of a is a press photograph of some lowlife in the sunlight who didn't have a million dollars from dad to invest in real estate.  Looks like him though!

True Burlesque Four Pin-up Women In Pencil Help Identify the Artist

True Burlesque hopes to identify the pin up artist who signed his name so small history has forgotten him.  Share to your pin up fans?  Maybe somebody knows.
Collection Jim Linderman

True Burlesque FACE OFF Tempest Storm versus Jennie Lee Burlesque Queens

Tempest Storm and Jennie Lee "face off" for the title of Burlesque Queen in this true burlesque layout from 1955 Cabaret Magazine. 

Burlesque BIG TIMERS flock to Glamorous Youngstown! True Burlesque

Burlesque big timers flock to glamorous YOUNGSTOWN. 

Just another stop on the grind.  Park Burlesk attracted ham-fisted lower-middle class peepers back when the rust bowl still had sheen.  Not much, but a bit.  Here, on the cusp of the end of burlesque, a motley crew of hapless strippers compete with emerging pornographic films for their attention.  The clients were steel-workers who got tired of sitting home drinking.  "Escorted" ladies got in free.  Those turning tricks had to pay at the door just like the fellas. 

One notable stripper had a trick for hecklers.  She would take their glasses (or other objects) and "make them disappear" and hand them back.  Yes…a magic trick which relied on the art of insertion!  A poster on a Youngstown "remember when" website recalls a dancer exposing her nether region along with a bunch of bruises on her legs. 

There was an MC who hawked risqué junk during intermission.  The crappy band played the strippers 12-bar anthem Night Train.  There was more DNA on the floor than a major crime scene.  Police lurked around the corner for thrills…there was always some kind of action out back.  The theater advertised "Free Parking in our Guarded lot" for those hesitant to park there.    None of this was particularly notable.  There was a festering pit like the Park in any town with more than a few traffic lights.  Skulk in, skulk out, fasten your seat belts on the way home guys.

While most of the patrons were too drunk or horny to notice, the stage featured some of the best fake names in the business.  "Toni Dawn from Orlando" played on the sappy trio Tony Orlando and Dawn. "Foxy Red" too her name from Redd Fox.  All the performers were "DIRECT" from somewhere, as if they flew in just for the special gig. 

Collection of original Park Burlesk newspaper clippings.  True Burlesque the Blog is on Facebook Too!