Books by Jim Linderman

Books by Jim Linderman
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True Burlesque Tom Cat Fever Lilly the Cat Girl stand up

Table "stand up" promotional card with Lilly Christine "The Cat Girl" in her prime.
Collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb the Blog

True Burlesque The Greatest Act in Burlesque History

True Burlesque The Greatest Act in Burlesque History.  Photograph collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb

True Burlesque Blaze Starr with her Friends Obliterated in the Press Photography Studio

True Burlesque Prior to publication, a photo editor paints out Blaze Starr's friends for the local newspaper.  Original Press Photograph c. 1969 Collection True Burlesque the Blog

True Burlesque Brass Ass Kentucky! Mob run on Monmouth Street!

True Tiffany too!  Whoever she was.  Not much of an elegant performing place...but they do a hell of a job promoting!  Newport Kentucky is placed at the Licking River (!)   Yes, it was mob run.  Newport once had the reputation of "Sin City" due to its upscale gambling casinos on Monmouth street. Investigations for racketeering pushed out the casinos, which were replaced by peep shows and adult strip clubs (says Tiffany here was working for the wise guys.  I hope they paid her.

Handbill for the Brass Ass circa 1970?  Collection TRUE BURLESQUE 

True Burlesque Stripper Kookie Marsh meets Rip Austin

True Burlesque Paperback in which Rip Austin goes from bed to bed trying to figure out a murder! Strip Wench or DIE!   
Intimate Edition Paperback First Edition 1963 Collection Jim Linderman.

True Burlesque Anonymous Burlesque Photographs of a Femme Fatale

True Burlesque Anonymous Burlesque Photographs of a Femme Fatale  
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