Books by Jim Linderman

Books by Jim Linderman
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True Burlesque Tempest Storm Kermit Schafer Burlesque Show Big Ten Inch

True Burlesque in which "Pardon my Blooper" inventor Kermit Schafer produces a horrible audio recording of an actual burlesque show.  I guess for those who don't go out. He did have the taste to place Tempest Storm on the cover.  Turn it up and use your imagination!

Ten inch Burlesque Show record.  Books and Ebooks available HERE

True Burlesque Leonard Burtman sells Striparama to Acme and the decline begins

True Burlesque Leonard Burtman is forced to sell Striparama to Acme and the magazine (and the art of burlesque) declines.

True Burlesque Essential Reading

True Burlesque Essential Reading?  Well, not really.  I would wait until they appear on Kindle!

True Burlesque Simian Strippers Do the Monkey

True Burlesque primates with their nearly nude friends!  Everyone needs a pet, but some need one to contribute to the show! 

True Burlesque Virginia "Ding Dong" Bell Works on her Tan

True Burlesque Virginia "Ding Dong" Bell Works on her Tan.  No need for any more text than that.