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True Burlesque Boulders of Bourbon Street! Linda Brigette The Cupid Doll

True Burlesque Boulders of Bourbon Street!  Linda Brigette The Cupid Doll!

Linda Lambert Brigette, AKA The Cupid Doll was born the daughter of Needum Toxie Lambert and Edna Leola Wactor Lambert in 1939.  I hope they lasted long enough to see her daughter perform nearly nude in an oversize champagne glass on Bourbon Street!

I am pretty sure they didn't make it to the first nude wedding, which was Linda's.   Morganna, another surgically-enhanced stripper who liked to bounce onto baseball fields was her maid of honor. 

Brigette would grind on stage on a couch…"suggestive moves" says the New Orleans Times- Picayune, and they are a good newspaper.  A trashy one would have written "humped the divan" and, of course, I will.   Linda Brigette humped a dirty couch onstage. It got her arrested for obscenity, but the Governor pardoned her after a mob associate asked him to.  You know…please? "We miss her at the club" but they really missed the full house she brought in.  She was so important to the club that they had red drawings of her on the glasses they sold watered down hooch in.

The Cupid Doll was five feet tall with a pair of early fake boobs.  Whether they caused her health problems later in life is unknown.  In the business they are called "boulders" and hers were.  Hard as rocks and so high on her chest she risked harming them during her fire-eating act.

As is the case generally, "The Cupid Doll" was married at age 13 and had a baby at age 14.  Our favorite stripper Candy Barr got her started in the business. or at least influenced her.   They traveled in the same sleazy circles.  Cupid Doll's act included live animals (a snake or a monkey depending on which was feeling frisky) and packed them in,  but she died broke. 

Linda Brigette worked for the 500 club.  A club Jack Ruby telephoned 8 times in 1963, according to the Warren Report on who killed Kennedy.  Ruby used to borrow strippers  from the 500 club for his own dump. and he knew the mob-connected owner Frank Caracci had some talent. 

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