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More Than Ample The True Cherrie Knight Story True Burlesque

BIG True Burlesque...
Cherrie Knight (real name Sherrie Knight, BFD...) was ample.  That will suffice.  She started dancing in the 1940s, apparently.  Read on.

Knight's greatest fame, I suppose, other than that achieved due to her notable chest portfolio, is that she appeared as herself in the film Teaserama  in 1955.  That certainly isn't her only accomplishment, as FORTY YEARS LATER she appeared in two documentaries on the history of striptease. In a field which, let's face it, "faces" came and went pretty fast, that she could remain upright that long proves something.  I am not quite sure what.

In Teaserama, Sherrie shares the stage with Bettie Page and Tempest Storm, not to mention horrible stand-up "comic" Joe E. Ross, the porcine buffoon.  Oh...and "Pepe" as half of the castanet wielding team of Pepe and Roccio.  Whadda show!

But old news.  Let's find some Cherrie Knight obscurities!

First of all, the IMDB entry which claims she is on the cover of Modern Man Magazine in February 1957 is wrong.  That's Sophia Loren, you boobs...and Sophia is only half the woman Cherri was.  Figuratively speaking, that is.

She appears on the cover of her own Proto-Porn booklet in 1959 published by Leonard Burtman as by Phoebe Publishers as "Cherri" (now the third spelling)  in a series of outdoor shots with no photographer credited.  In most of which she cavorts on a chenille blanket.  On the cover, which I think is a bit too risque for Facebook (The potted palm leaves barely cover Cherrie's double-palm sized attributes.)  As usual, there is no text at all, so we have to look elsewhere.  I'm trying to tear my eyes away.

Celebrity Sleuth provides her measurements.  Of course, she is listed on LinkedIn, the world's largest business network, helping professionals like CHERRIE KNIGHT discover...Umm.  No, I'm not going to join your stupid site.  Stop turning up in my Google searches, you piece of crap social slog site.  I don't want to join, and I NEVER want to join.  Go trick someone else.  Linked in my rear.

Most of the sites I find with Cherri are those which won't let you back out of them, or give you a pop-up that locks you into an endless loop of modern-day smut.

I see "RealXProduction" is selling Cherrie Knight Wallpaper.  No again, but thanks.  Who would possibly want Cherrie Knight beaming down on them from the wall from the 1950s?

Certainly Irving Klaw photographed her, or his surrogate Paula Klaw did, and there she is under another nom de plume "Cherry" Knight, ten photos, each with her initials scratched into the negative.  Cherry cavorts on a black and white couch long enough to get the role in Teaserama.  Of course Irving would have hired her anyway, and as soon as she walked into "The Pin-up King's" makeshift studio...but she was there, so why not take a few.

Oh oh...a FIFTH spelling!  Sherry Knight, on the classy website Big Breast Archive.  Looks like they have stolen every photo of her they could find...including one in which Cherri's face aged, but her breasts didn't...seriously.  There is also an attributed quote that she made undergarments out of parachutes! 

When will I learn to ignore the internet and go directly to Russ Meyer's HUGE autobiography?  There she is..."a stripper named Sherry Knight busting in on the Southern California scene."  Russ also calls her...get ready...BROBDINGNAGIAN, and GOURDINE, as well as "The USS Ticonderoga" and furthermore describes her as "defying any earthbound gravity-pull!" with " skull-numbing accoutrement." 

Why do I even try?

Meyer shot her on Malibu beach.

Cherri Knight "Number 29"  Phoebe Publishers (Leonard Burtman) 1959 New York City  32 Pages.  Title "Logo" by Eugene Bilbrew. Collection Victor Minx

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