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Dance of the Zodiac! Pannette Piper True Burlesque

Pannette Piper and her Painted Umbrella!  In 1942, Billboard Magazine announced Pannette Piper was introducing a new dance around town.  The Zodiac!  Sure enough, here is a picture of Pannette with her jerry-rigged Sign of the Zodiac twirler!  Unfortunately the photo is not in color, but I am SURE it is glitter and poster paint.  Note how Pannette had a problem with Sagittarius…not enough room between the umbrella ribs!

I have a picture of Pannette with the umbrella before it was doctored up too!

During her act. Pannette would traipse from table to table, leaning over and telling the horoscope of folks at bistro tables while shaking her stuff and stretching her gams. 

"Hey Mista?  Read chure FUTCHA?"

Actually, the pitch was probably more southern drawl than a jersey jingo, as Pannette was from Tennessee.  Her mother was named Ada Keith, so maybe Pannette had the same last name…but who knows.    Mother Ada was a vaudeville hoofer on the county fair route from way back.  

Pannette and her sister Hallie Piper both aspired to stardom and both headed up to New York City.  It appears they could afford (to share with two others) an apartment on West 51st Street.  It looks like Pannette came around age 19 and Hallie was 22.

Needless to say, it didn't take long for Pannette to be posing in her undies.  5 foot 6 inches and 36-25-36.  Red hair with brown eyes.

I see a trip to Troy to entertain at the annual frolic of the Troy County Board of Supervisors.  Hmm.  When I read "frolic" and see a bunch of politicians, I suspect more than a Zodiac dance, but it could be innocent.

The novelty dance bombed.  Despite the publicity here, she soon replaced it with "The Butterfly Dance"  but unfortunately I have no pictures of that one…maybe she came out of a cocoon.

Hallie became the beautician at the Hotel President, where she made her sister's costumes.

I wish I could tell you how Pannette turned out, but I don't know her sign.  

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