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True Story of Burlesker Anita Ventura True Burlesque

PRAISE Anita Ventura, the streaked-hair model with the most beautiful breasts in history.  Questionable?  Nope.  Anita Ventura.  I need one too.  We all need a Ventura, and now more than ever.  

The only woman with the most beautiful breasts in history who was arrested in a topless batgirl costume.  TWICE!   Anita was courageous, unflinching, liberated and shameless in her curves.  Anita was a pin up with the power to reach right out of the folded paper, grab you by the tie, pull you close and whisper "see anything you like, chump?" before dropping you into  a pile of your own perspiration.

Anita's figure made Bettie Page look like a victim.  Anita made Tura Santana look like she needed a good  meal…and Dita Von Teese?  Please.

Anita looked incredible in clam-diggers, but in a corset?  Life was worth living until your time was up and you brought the memory to St. Peter for a free pass. 

One of Leonard Burtman's favorite models. as she would delight in wearing, or NOT wearing…anything.  Fortunately, God perfected color film during Anita's career.  If your shaking hands could thread the sprockets, you would  stay in the darkroom all day.  When emerging,  your fingers wrinkled by a chemical bath and nasal passages burned by acid fumes, you would  believe alchemy came with a 24 karat swatch of hair.   

God made women, but he kept practicing.  Anita Ventura resulted.  Five-foot 8 inches of power, and when she became engaged to "Tun Tun" the great Mexican dancer (who was only Three-foot 9 inches tall) no one even noticed him.  All eyes on Anita, a full two feet taller than Tun Tun and twice as fun.  

Anita would bathe in a bikini in the pool on Park Avenue just because she could.  Once at a POLICEMAN'S BALL a burglar snuck in the dressing room and stole Anita's lace panties. 

Anita performed a belly dance under the slogan "SEX SATIONAL DANCE OF THE DRUMS" but no one heard them.  The percussion was on Anita.  Star of the films Teenie Tulip and Orgy at Lil's Place.


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