Wednesday, February 20, 2013

True Burlesque Silver Slipper Style Howard Hughes Toe Camera and the Giant Surveillance Shoe Sign True Burlesque

A beauty in a fake cocktail glass and her buffoons provide about all the glamor the sleazy SIlver Slipper Casino can muster up…except possibly the glamor of a free buffet, free souvenirs and free NYLONS (?)  I guess those would be for the ladies.

The Silver Slipper was a fake frontier town designed to steal your money in the casino.  I didn't even bother to see if it had mob connections. Legit casinos are criminal enough.

This story really isn't about the outstanding Silver Slipper burlesque shown here…it is about nutty billionaire Howard Hughes.  Hughes lived near the Vegas casino, and every time the huge rotating silver slipper sign aimed it's toe at Howard's window, he believed there was a camera hidden in the shoe spying 0n him.  So he BOUGHT THE CASINO and had the sign torn down. 

Later revelations about Hughes and J. Edgar Hoover's files today leads me to believe he might just not be as crazy as we thought.  Hoover's boys had over 2,000 pages of documents on Howard Hughes,  and had him under surveillance for decades, mostly, apparently, as Hoover was interested in his sex life. 

Maybe there was a camera in that shoe after all.