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Leonard Burtman and Burlesque Beauties Sande Marlowe True Burlesque

Leonard Burtman does Burlesque Beauties

Collection Victor Minx

Lenny Burtman cobbles together yet another quickie cash-in using somewhat tired photos of even more tired hardworking burleskers in 1959.  Published under the Burtman umbrella through the little known "Phoebe" offshoot which has not been documented at all.  Like them all, of which there may have been more than thirty volumes,  some thirty pages of black and white shots of workers who lugged their tired dogs and their costumes to an amateur studio to supplement their meager, but hard earned wages on the boards.

Sande Marlowe was a Minx centerfold.  She was also rumored once, (and this could just be a press agent myth) to have danced so hard she had a heart attack.  She also appeared on the cover of the second SIZZLE, a big favorite here at Vintage Sleaze as it was primitive and haphazard, and they always make a great post when the temperature rises above 100 degrees.  Sizzle was the "so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk" smut magazine.  She called herself "The Venus of Stageland" and spent much time doing the dance in Mexico City for some reason. 

Evelyn West we have made fun of before.  Look her up!  Check out her battle with a bible-thumper at the link.

Baby Lake posed for Irving Klaw.  She was no baby.  In fact, to me anyway, she not only looks grown up, she looks kinda scary.  And quite possibly insane as well…check out her, well…gosh.  I mean, how often am I at a loss for words.  Umm…check out her, umm…German beer stein bra?  Will that work? 

By comparison Jessica Rogers looks safe and pleasant.  She worked under the name "The Texas Tantilizer" She worked in Hollywood, but it must not have worked out as she was back in front of the footlights after three years.  The girl next door, if you lived next door to a strip dive in the 1940s.  She was known as "The Wow Girl" to the troops, she goes back that far.  Lenny?  Can you provide us with some newer pinups?  The war has been over for 15 years!

Burlesque Beauties Number 28  Phoebe Publishers (a Leonard Burtman enterprise) 1959 Collection Victor Minx
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