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GiGi Gee Whiz Butter Churn and Guns True Burlesque

Gee Whiz the burlesque queen probably received her name from others.  Others, that is, who uttered the phrase under their breath as they passed her.  On the other hand, as you can find "Gee Whiz" as Gigi Patterson, maybe her moniker morphed from GiGi.  GiGi Gee Whiz!  She was otherwise known as Mary Glisson  and had a fifty inch bust.  And fire red hair sometimes.  She also lasted into the color film days, but you don't really want to look.  Ouch!  There is a horribly sexist expression used by pigs to describe women who only look "good"  below the neck but I refuse to use it, as all women look good to me and I'm not a sexist.  Some may find Gee Whiz pretty, but I will just say she wasn't my type.

But then I do have to say most women who strip in Cleveland aren't.  Just a personal preference.

Because there was a tendency to exaggerate dancer's talents, Miss Gee Whiz was sometimes billed with a 52" bust…but that could have been on a good day. 

Anyway, and consequently, there are tons of photographs of Gee Whiz which seem to center on her anatomy.  She appears happy enough, but in a few she appears to be resting her back using a shotgun as a cane, so I think just being Gee Whiz was a full-time job on her back and shoulder muscles.

Gee Whiz did most of her modeling as a large-breasted brunette, but there are photographs of her as a large-breasted blond.  In fact, there are photographs of her as a large-breasted carpenter's assistant.  She MIGHT have been in the business long enough to appear in super sleaze Reubun Sturman's Parliament publications, so I am going to speculate she, um…how can I be polite.  Let's say she may have spread her talent around in her later years.  But I can't verify it…I don't buy Sturman's crud.  I do know she posed tastefully with a butter churn in her hands…and yet again MORE pictures with a rifle.  I guess she was a big second amendment advocate.  Or her fans were. GiGi armed and dangerous follows:

 The tasteful and tastefully edited Gee Whiz butter churn follows:

There is at least one stag film with Gigi Gee Whiz.  In 1956, there was a Road Runner short staring Wile E. Coyote with that title, but I don't think that's the one she appears in.   There is also one photo with her chest so sunburned it looks like she is wearing a dickie.  I will creatively crop it here for my family-friendly site.
Jane Briggeman, who wrote the book Burlesque: Legendary Stars of the Stage lists Gee Whiz among the missing.  Believe me, nothing bothers me more than not being able to fill in the bio details of those portrayed here, but In Gee-Whiz's case, I'm just going to have to say she "dropped'" out of the business.

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