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Sally Rand Arrested in Body Suit and Long Underwear, Dies Broke True Burlesque

Super Stripper Sally Rand AKA Billie Beck AKA Hattie Helen Gould Beck meets with admirers of her "bubble dance" an an unknown flowery event.

Sally became a chorus girl at age 13.

Rand went from Ringling Brothers Circus to summer stock with Humphrey Bogart.  Whether she had Humphrey whistle is unknown.

Mega-showman Cecil B. Demille (legendary director of "The Squaw Man" twice) gave her the Rand name after the Rand McNally atlas, but whether she went around the world with Cecil is unknown.

Demille made over 50 films before a good one, but many are lost forever.  He wore his trademark "director's fancy boots" tucked into his pants, even when giving radio performances when no could see them.  Film critic Pauline Kael called the blustery Mr. De Mille "a sanctimonious manipulator" but again…whether he was manipulated by the bubble dancer is unknown. 

Sally was arrested doing the bubble dance in 1933, FOUR TIMES ON ONE DAY and to capitalize on the crime, rode "naked" on a white horse through the streets of Chicago, but in reality was covered with a body suit.  When I learned it was all a ruse, MY bubble burst.  She was arrested again over ten years later, again for being nude, but this time she was really wearing long underwear.  Show  Biz…it's illusion.

Despite enormous fame, beauty and twenty five films (including Main Bait, Golf Widows, The Texas Bearcat, Getting Gertie's Garter and A Girl in Every Port, Sally died penniless.  In fact less than penniless, with enormous debt.

Fortunately legendary performer and massive P-hound Sammy Davis Jr. stepped up and paid her burial expenses.

Original signed photograph of Sally Rand, No Date Collection Victor Minx.

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