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The True Story of Honey Holiday (ALL of them)

Perhaps I should start this post by saying Honey Holiday ended up marrying a Texas millionaire worth 32 million dollars.  At least so claims the man who gave Honey her stripper name…Larry Saunders, one time booking agent for Baltimore's notorious block.  Larry also says a good stripper's career can last about as long as a football running back.   Larry gave some 50 dancers their stage names…including Fanne Fox, the burlesker caught with a drunken Representative Wilbur Mills in the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC. Fanne Fox was really Annabelle Battistella...but neither of them have anything to do with Honey, though it was this event which led a reporter from the Associated Press to Larry, I suppose...which gave him a moment of fame.  The story was picked up by a few local papers.
(St. Petersburg Times July 3, 1975  AP wire story) 

Unfortunately,  neither Larry or the reporter provide Honey's REAL name, so I have to spend a few grueling minutes looking her up.  

Hmmm…looks like Honey also used the classy handle "The Sex Kitten" while dancing her way to success…and also "Honeypot"  according to the cover of the smut rag I am looking at.  She was one sweet nectar…WHOA!  I haven't found her name yet, but I can tell you she was no blonde…and had little shame as well.  Oh oh…what's on top isn't real either.  Honey has those implants which went in before the technique was perfected (which was not yet actually…but these are some kind of rock.) 


Here is an article which paints the picture I'm looking for in words, but again, no real name.  A old-timer from the Bronx reminiscing in front of the crumbling Gayety Burlesque, where "pictures advertised Amber Mist and Honey Holiday, local sex kittens" it says.  Well, 1979, possible.  But that is hardly Texas high society glamour…did the millionaire toss her out?  Maybe she was in Miami for that "holiday" in her name and decided to give it one more shot on stage…right on sleazy Collins Avenue before they cleaned it up.   
(Milwaukee Sentinel January 20 1979)

Here is a Honey posing for Irving Klaw 20 years earlier.  She LOOKS the same, kinda, but intoxicated.  Just my opinion.  I'm not a traffic cop or a doctor, but I gotta say she doesn't look too good.  Maybe she spent the night before out late.  Wait..this can't be the same Honey…though both are topped with huge blonde wigs, this HAS to be a different Honey, doesn't it?  A real long shot with a short lens, so I am going to say not our Honey.

There is another Honey Holiday in one of those dreadful "neo-burlesque" shows remembering the glory days, but I don't care about her.  I'll let someone look her up 50 years from now and find this post.

Let's see what else…ACK!  Do NOT use the search strategy I just tried.  There is ANOTHER Honey Holiday and she is not too particular.  Let's pass on this one.

Ahhh…this could be our Honey…you know, the glamorous one.   A woman named Holiday appears in the porn film "Female Athletes" with wasted, drug-addicted John Holmes.  She appears in only one scene and no one has liked her on Google Plus OR Facebook…a bad sign. Wait…brunette…and her first name is Bonnie.  Wrong again.

Here is a Honey Holiday on the cover of Fury Magazine, 1963…and she is a brunette too.  She is also quite pretty.  Not our Honey.

BINGO!  Here she is, in a smut rag on one of those illegal download sites which has paid a clerk minimum wage to scan an entire issue allowing them to violate copyright in massive doses just so you will pay to "chat" with a virtual hooker pretending to cyber…but I don't want to gum up my hard drive with their junk.  Wait a minute while I clear my cache and close the pop-up windows…several of them with unfortunate workers anxiously awaiting my credit card.

Honey Holiday Nude Beach Girls Spy Cam…Nope.  Honey Holiday Dallas Escorts…maybe, but she would be like 90.  I'll pass.  Honey Holiday Female Escort Raleigh North Carolina…Nope. 

I guess that's about it.  Not much there considering she was billed as The Queen of the Strippers.  If anyone out there knows Honey Holiday's real name, I'll be glad to post it.  I hope her millionaire husband is too old to kick my ass.