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Georgia Holden True Burlesque Anatomy Award Winner of 1959

A tragic and true story, but then how many happy stories does one read about those who performed in stag films?  Burlesque dancer, stripper and nude model Georgia Holden, just one more  mysterious dancing marvel seen in stills and a few scratchy stags.   Georgia Holden, AKA Georgianna Michalski AKA Georgia Kingston.

Georgia Holden once danced in the film Singing in the Rain.

One pulp compared Georgia to Marilyn Monroe (in measurements, that is) and declared her  "The Anatomy Award Winner for 1959"  Like Marilyn, Ms. Holden was usually blond, but you can see the ginger above.  You can also see her as a blur of motion squirming to that crazy sax beat in the miniature photo (optimized for iPAD viewing!) Umm…lean in.  

 The best Georgia Holden piece of memorabilia, however, has to be the cover of Men's Digest above, which despite their obsessive "horror vacui" (Latin for "fear of empty space) design technique  still made room for her boobs…and not only that, made sure you saw them with an inset yellow arrow!  

Georgia's layout proved so popular, they made Georgia the cover girl again two issues later, but this time shrunk down to a tiny square, bumped off her pedestal by new bust of the month Anita Ekberg.  Same yellow arrow though.   

And a THIRD time, this time challenged by Evelyn West…and so as not to repeat themselves, used a red arrow.  Now since most guys are programmed at birth to find breasts, the all the arrows were unnecessary, but the folks behind this digest were obviously not the brightest bunch of carrots in the patch.  I intend to make fun of them in a future post.
Georgia's Final Arrow is Red and Top Left

The only "news" story I find is a mention that she is dancing in Vegas in 1958, presumably watched over by her "pit boss"  and temporary husband one Leon Kingston .  An issue of "Spree" ran black and white photos of her dancing, and she appears in Candid Magazine, King Magazine and Scamp Magazine all in 1959.

So what is tragic?  Georgia's niece reports  (like the apocryphal story about the women who played Goldfinger's golden secretary in the 1964 James Bond film) Georgia passed away from cancer caused by lead-based gold paint!  Well, I don't know about her that, but Shirley Eaton, the woman who was dipped in gold by Auric Goldfinger,  didn't die…at least not from paint.  Did Georgia? I don't know, but I hope not.  It seems she was at one time painted as a "dancing golden statue" in Hawaii, and it set into motion events leading to her tragic death.  At any rate, she did pass away in 1971.  I am going to guess she was quite a woman. 

Read the tribute to Georgia by her niece HERE on the Strange Cosmos website.  A fairly patient web search which will require you to install all sorts of questionable download software will find some of the stags for you.

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